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Electric Guitar Strings 09-42s Super Light Gauge

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Electric Guitar Strings 09-42s Super Light Gauge Summary

As muscians here at Guitars Electric we understand that a good guitar tone relies on new and fresh strings – that is a key fact.


We have combined good quality strings at an affordable price so you can actually afford to change your strings more often!

We have produced our own  Guitars Electric brand of Signature strings in arange of gauges; 9-42s Super Light (the Red set), 10-46s Light (the Blue set), 9-46 Super Light TOP/Light BOTTOM and 8-38s Ultra Light (the Black set). 

For sale here is one set of the Super Light 9-42s.

Each string is individually sealed in an air tight cellophane packet, to avoid any tarnishing and are clearly labelled with the string name and no.

1st E (0.009), 2nd B (0.011), 3rd G (0.016), 4th D (0.024), 5th A (0.032) and 6th E (0.042).

The string packets are encased within the printed design as seen in the photo and on the back is our guide of how to care for your strings and make them last even longer. The outer packet is a plastic flap envelope.

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5 product stars
9 guage strings - michael jones - 24/10/2009
i got these off you guys through ebay, but will be coming back to your website to get some more, i have over 25 guitars at the moment and play pretty much all of them so they need to be restrung alot. these seem to do the job nicely and are much better value than the big name brands

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