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BoxKing PB4813 Rechargeable Li-ion Powered Pedalboard 10 outputs

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BoxKing PB4813 Rechargeable Li-ion Powered Pedalboard 10 outputs Summary

Rechargeable Li-ion POWERED GUITAR PEDAL BOARD with 10 outputs BoxKing PB4813

The first mains cable free Pedalboard for guitarists, with built in PowerBank! 

No need to plug in to the mains, no messy cables, no added earth hum or noise. Li-ion Battery is quiet and clean as an individual 9V battery powered pedal.

Has specific low noise power outputs for traditionally noisy pedals such as; distortion, drive or Fuzz pedals. Will also power off board Wah Wah or Volume Pedals.

10 power outputs altogether!

Power Outputs;

4 x 9V/2A

2 x 12V/1A

1 x 18/24V0.5A

3 x 9V/0.6A Low Noise for Distortion or Drive 

Will take 4 or 5 good size effects pedal on the board, attach with female Velcro, already applied to the top of the pedal board, with 1m of Male Velcro for the underside of  your pedals. Comes complete with padded Gig Bag with internal Velcro straps to keep your loaded pedal board safe and sound. Top pocket for leads or other accessories. Super strong Zip fastening and carry handle.

Power Specifications;

High Capacity 12800mAh 47.36Wh

Re-chargeable Li-ion 18650 Battery

Adapter input AC85V-265V

Adapter output DC9V 1.5-2A

Fast Charge in 3 hours, will power 5 pedals 9V 0.1A for 10.52 hours. (Times will vary depending on pedals' total power)

BoxKing PB4813 Pedalboard includes;

1 Gig Bag 535mm x 175mm Weight 800g.

1 BoxKing Pedalboard 489mm x 135mm Net Weight 620g.

1 Boxking Power Adapter, 3 Pin UK

8 Black Power Cables (Negative Centre, Positive Outer)

2 White Power Cables (Positive Centre, Negative Outer)

1m of Male Black Velcro

1 Instruction sheet

Other features;

On/Off switch

4 LEDs showing Power charge status. (Flashes when charging)

Can also be run from the mains, in emergency if you have forgotten to charge the PowerBank.

Not included;

There are no patch leads to connect your pedals inlcuded in the package. 

But we do sell the unique high quality, space saving; Boxking, solder-less patch leads with Gold plated Jack Plugs, in 3 lengths 12cm, 20cm & 30cm (available in another listing)

For an 'independent review' of this product search youtube for Boxking.

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