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DIGITAL TUNER + LC Needle Display for Guitar Bas Violin or Chromatic

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DIGITAL TUNER + LC Needle Display for Guitar Bas Violin or Chromatic Summary

DIGITAL TUNER with LC Needle Display for Electric guitar, Sass guitar, Violin or Chromatic modes.

So easy and accurate to use. 


Ideal for setting up the intonation of each string when adjusting by the bridge saddles.


Plug in, with your guitar lead, Press M button to select the mode,  G = electric guitar (B = bass guitar, V = Violin or C = chromatic) and play a string. The corresponding string note is displayed in the LC display. Aim to centre the needle for spot on tuning.


For extra fine tuning the all you need to do is get the Green LED to light up on its own. Green plus a red LED means you are close either a little sharp or flat.


Will also work using the on-board Mic (for use on acoustic instruments) and has a handy flip out stand to for ease of reading.


This Tuner offers simplicity in its use, but also it gives spot on accuracy.

It is also great for tuning on stage with limited light, just use the LED system.

For added accuracy the LC display gives a needle reading against a graduated scale which is brilliant when fine tuning and accuracy is needed when recording in the studio.


Other features;

On/off switch – hold for 2 secs. to activate on or off.

Input jack socket for ¼” standard guitar or patch lead.

Flip out holder/stand on back panel

Adjustable tuning setting, + or – standard tuning of 440Hz (range 430-450Hz)

Comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries.

Instruction leaflet included.

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